Meghpunji Resort Sajek – মেঘপুঞ্জি রিসোর্ট

best resort in sajek valley

Meghpunji Resort is one of the popular resorts in Sajek Valley. Each cottage in this resort has 1 large bed that can accommodate 2-3 people and extra flooring beds that can accommodate 1-2 people i.e. 4 people in total. Each cottage is surrounded by glass so there is a full infinity view from inside the cottage! Each cottage also has an East facing open terrace which we call The Cloud Terrace which offers an Open Infinity View of the Clouds, Mountains and Sky.

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Meghpunji Resort

Tarasha Cottage has a round veranda around it which gives 360 degree view and the cottage is a bit bigger. So it’s more expensive.

Meghpunji resort booking

To book your desired room just call us here “01970-864497

Meghpunji resort price

Meghpunji resort price are start from 5500 to 6500 Tk .


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