7 Best Hotels in Kuakata (Near Beach) 2024

best hotels in kuakata
best hotels in kuakata

Are you seeking for best hotels in kuakata or seeking information about kuakata hotels ? Yes you are in. As you know Kuakata is one of the most cutest and attractive sea beach in the World so it’s quite trap things to finds the best hotels near kuakata beach.

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Best hotel in Kuakata

Kuakata sea beach is one of the most attractive sea beach in Patuakhali Bangladesh located at south part of Bangladesh, This is the only beach in the world that offers both sunrise and sunset views eye catchy . Kuakata is also known as Sagor Konna (Daughter of Sea) . Kuakata beach is 18 km long and about 3 km wide.

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Everyday more than 10000+ tourist travel kuakata beach but the main things in that find the best hotels in kuakata . Don’t worry Motel Guys hai na . we are write an article for 7 Best Hotels in Kuakata (Near Beach) 2023 based on their location , environment , rating and pricing .’

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Kuakata hotel list

There are a lot of hotels available in kuakata but in article we will write only top hotels in kuakata , let’s see

  1. Sikder Resort
  2. Ocean View
  3. Hotel Sea Queen
  4. Hotel Graver Inn
  5. Hotel Sea Crown
  6. Parjatan Motel
  7. Hotel Sandy Kuakata
  8. Best Hotels in Bogra

Kuakata hotel booking

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 Sikder Resort – Best Resort in Kuakata

Call: 01700-802726 Website: Click Here

best hotels in kuakata
best hotels in kuakata

Sikder resort & villas is one of the most beautiful hotel in kuakata located the heart of kuakata beach also this resort in known as one of the best eco friendly resort in kuakata.The resort has great views and a large area (17 acres) covered by natural landscapes. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset from your bed .

If you are looking for best resort in kuakata or best hotels in kuakata than undoubtedly sikder resort is the best option for you .

Sikder Resort Room Price

Room Type Rent (BD) Guest Allow
Deluxe Room With View 8000 Tk. 2 Adults, 1 Children
Deluxe Room Without View 10,000 Tk. 4 Adults, 1 Children
Premier Room 14,000 Tk. 4 Adults, 2 Children
Premier Villa With Pool 32,000 Tk. 6 Adults, 2 Children
Premier Villa Without Pool 28,000 Tk. 6 Adults, 2 Children
Superior Room 12,000 Tk. 4 Adults, 1 Children
Superior Villa 24,000 Tk. 5 Adults, 2 Children

Kuakata Grand hotel – Top Hotels in Kuakata

Call:  01709-646350 Website: Click Here

kuakata grand hotel best hotels in kuakata

Kuakata grand hotel is one of the most popular hotels in kuakata beach , located at center of the beach and neat and clean. If you are gym lover here you can get gym access with swimming pool let’s see thier room rent

Kuakata Grand Hotel Room Fare

Room Type Rent (BD)
Standard Deluxe 16000 Taka
Deluxe 19920 Taka
Premium Deluxe 24800 Taka
Superior Twin Deluxe 28800 Taka
Family Suite 29600 Taka
Executive Suite 39920 Taka
Presidential Suite 55920 Taka
Extra Bed 1500 Taka

Hotel Graver Inn – Premium Hotel in Kuakata

Call: 0 1313 451201 Website: Click Here

hotel graver inn best hotels in kuakata
hotel graver inn best hotels in kuakata

Another top rated hotels in kuakata in Hotel Graver inn , Hotel Graver Inn has the maximum facilities you expect from a luxury whether you are with us on a business, pleasure, attending or organizing an event.

You have access to a range of superb comforts and amenities for an effortless and enjoyable stay for creating the perfect balance of modern comforts and nostalgic ambiance.

Kuakata hotel room price

Room Type Rent (BD)
Super Deluxe 5000 Taka
Royal Deluxe 7500 Taka
Premium Twin 6000 Taka
Executive Twin 6500 Taka
Deluxe 4000 Taka

Hotel Sea Crown – Low Price Hotel in Kuakata

Call:  Website: Click Here

Hotel sea crown is another most heard name is kuakata , basically if you are looking for best hotels with low price or cheap hotels in kuakata than Hotel sea crown is the best for you.

Hotel Sea Crown Room Rent:

Room Type Rent (BD)
Single Non AC 1500 Taka
Single AC 2400 Taka
Double Non AC 2400 Taka
Double AC 3200 Taka
Suite Non AC 3200 Taka
Suite AC 4000 Taka

Hotel Kuakata Inn – Kuakata Hotel List

Call: 0 1313 451222 Website: Click Here

hotel kuakata inn best hotels in kuakata
hotel kuakata inn best hotels in kuakata

hotel Kuakata Inn is a wings of world-class tourism hotel. Where business and quality leisure blend together. Enjoying an unrivaled location where the longest sea beach and nature stay together. They offer 4 Category 26 rooms for your service.

Here is your Hotel Kuakata Inn’s latest room rent. You can book this room from anywhere by phone.


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