10 Best Hotel in Nilphamari

hotels in nilphamari
hotels in nilphamari

Are you seeking for best hotels in Nilphamari or seeking information about quality stay in Nilphamari ? Yes you are right website . Hotel Motel BD write a detail content about 10 Best hotels in Nilphamari to stay safe and stay comfort.

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Hotel in Nilphamari

It is renowned for some of the tourist resorts like Nil-Sagor, Tista Baradge, Uttara EPZ, and Abasar Rest house, Nilphamari is agriculture famous area moreover, Nazir-Shail and Paizam rice production are remarkable than other districts of Bangladesh.

List of Hotel in Nilphamari

  1.  Nilphamary Garden Hotel
  2.  Hotel Abokash
  3. Nilphamari Garden
  4. Nilphamari Circuit House and

Nilphamari Garden Hotel

hotels in nilphamari
hotels in nilphamari

This is one of the best hotels based on bd hotel rating located center city with eye catchy this city. This hotel has 102 rooms with single room , couple room and family room.

Website : Click Here

Call: 01793-838485

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