10 Best Hotel in Barisal City (2023 Edition)

Best hotels in barisal city
Best hotels in barisal city

Are you looking for the best hotel experience in Barisal? Look no further! Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of the top hotels in Barisal, Bangladesh. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, we have something to offer for everyone. From luxurious resorts to budget-friendly accommodations, get ready to be spoilt for choice. Discover the best hotels in Barisal that suit your needs perfectly!

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Best Hotel in Barisal

Hotel Name Location Room Types Price Range (per night) Amenities
Hotel Grand Park Sadar Road Deluxe, Suite 50−50-100 Free Wi-Fi, Fitness Center, 24-hour Room Service
Hotel Athena Natun Bazar Standard, Deluxe, Executive Suite 30−30-90 Free Wi-Fi, Rooftop Restaurant, Laundry Service
Hotel Abashik Sadar Road Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe 25−25-70 Free Wi-Fi, 24-hour Room Service, Car Rental
Hotel Hasan International Sadar Road Standard, Deluxe, Executive Suite 35−35-80 Free Wi-Fi, Conference Room, 24-hour Room Service
Hotel Aziz International Rupatoli Circle Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Family Suite 30−30-100 Free Wi-Fi, Restaurant, 24-hour Room Service

let’s see top 10 best hotels in Barisal City

Hotel Arena Barisal

Hotel Arena Barisal is one of the most popular hotels in Barisal City and has earned its place as number one on our top ten list. Located in a prime location near the banks of the Kirtonkhola River, Hotel Arena Barisal offers guests an ideal blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. The hotel features spacious and modern rooms with air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms with showers, and 24/7 room service. Guests also enjoy access to an impressive rooftop swimming pool with panoramic city views.

When it comes to dining, Hotel Arena Barisal has something for everyone. From local Bangladeshi cuisine to international dishes, guests can enjoy a variety of meal options at the hotel’s restaurants or order from nearby eateries for delivery right to their rooms. For those looking for relaxation, there is a full spa offering massages and other treatments and a fitness center and sauna facilities.
The prices at Hotel Arena Barisal are very reasonable considering the quality of services offered. Guests can book single or double rooms starting from 2000 taka (about 24 USD)pernightupto7000taka(24 USD) per night up to 7000 takas (24USD)pernightupto7000taka(84 USD) depending on the type of room they choose. It is also possible to rent conference rooms for business meetings or events at an additional cost.

Hotel Arena Barisal offers excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout its premises for those who want to stay connected while away from home. Guests can call hotel staff anytime using their contact number listed on their website or their chatbot feature on WhatsApp.

In conclusion, Hotel Arena Barisal provides travelers visiting Barisal City with all the amenities they need for an enjoyable stay in one convenient location at unbeatable prices. Whether looking for a relaxing place for stay or a comfortable & nice place to rest your head while exploring what this bustling city offers, Hotel Arena Barisal should be your first choice!

Hotel Grand Park

Hotel Grand Park Barisal is the perfect place for guests to find everything they need during their stay in the city. Located at Band Road, near Bell’s Park, the hotel offers stunning views of Kirtankhola from its top-floor rooms. The hotel provides a range of business and recreation facilities, making it ideal for both work and leisure.

Whether you’re looking for a friendly and relaxing vacation or a productive work trip, Hotel Grand Park Barisal will ensure you are well cared for. The hotel offers attractive, comfortable rooms and suites with all the modern amenities and subsidies necessary for a great stay. Our experienced staff is also always available to assist with your wants or queries.

The hotel also boasts an excellent restaurant where guests can enjoy delicious local and international dishes prepared by our talented chefs. Our extensive menu features fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers and includes dishes from around the world that will tantalize your taste buds.

At Hotel Grand Park Barisal, we strive to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience during their visit. We are 100% committed to providing personalized & additional service that exceeds expectations and offers competitive accommodation rates so guests can enjoy all we offer without breaking the bank. For more information about our facilities or user feedback or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly or visit our website to view our room prices and food menu options.

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Contact: 177 773 5171-75

Hotel Sedona Barisal

Hotel Sedona is an upscale hotel located in the heart of Barisal, Bangladesh. It features a nine-floor building constructed according to building codes and is equipped with all safety measures against earthquakes and cyclones. The rooms are spacious and have modern electrical and electronic appliances for comfort.

The hotel also offers various recreational activities, such as boat riding and fishing, along the Kirtonkhola River on the east side of the premises. Guests can enjoy delicious Bangladeshi or Chinese cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant. Sightseeing tours are also available with a professional tourist guide to explore some of Barisal’s most attractive places, such as Muktijoddha Park, Planet World Park, Aswani Kumar Town Hall, Goila Ma Monosah Temple, Dapdopia Bridge, Home of Jibonanonda Das, Kalibari Temple of Mukumda Das, and many more.

If you are seeking for comfortable stay in Barisal without having to worry about transportation or services, Hotel Sedona is worth considering. Its strategic location in the city center allows easy access to all nearby attractions while providing guests with an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury. Moreover, its competitive rates make it one of the best value-for-money hotels in Barisal!

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Contact: 88 01705293878

Hotel Athena Barisal

Hotel Athena is one of the finest hotels in Barisal City, Bangladesh. It offers excellent service, clean rooms, and reasonable prices for those who wish to stay here. The building may look old from outside but the interior is surprisingly good. From friendly staff members to modern facilities, Hotel Athena has it all.

The hotel offers a variety of rooms such as single beds to suites suitable for families. All rooms are well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi access, flat-screen televisions, and more. Guests can also take advantage of the own restaurant and bar offering a variety of sea fish and international dishes and local favorites.

Sheraton Hotel Banani is another excellent choice regarding quality accommodation in Barisal City. This 5 star hotel offers guests a luxurious experience with spacious suites and private balconies overlooking stunning city skyline views. The W Hotel in Sylhet is another popular option for luxury accommodation in Barisal City with its chic design and exclusive services such as personal butlers and spa treatments.

For those looking for an affordable stay, several budget hotels are listed on Barisal’s hotel list, including Hotel Arena Barisal, which provides basic accommodations at an economical price point; Hotel Arina; Hotel Ali International Barisal; Grand Hotel Barisal; and more. Additionally, visitors can check out Taj Hotels if they want to experience royal treatment with discounts available for army officers or special rates for one night stays at select locations.

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Hotel Rodela Barisal

Regarding hotels in Barisal, Hotel Rodela is one of the top-notch establishments in the area. Unfortunately, the accommodation provided here is ancient and far from current. These age-old facilities are unsuitable for modern living, from a broken doorknob to shabby and disgustingly uncomfortable beds. Furthermore, the pillows and sheets are often dirty, making them unsuitable even for those desperate enough to stay there.

The bathroom situation could be more satisfactory; with wobbly faucets that provide no control over how much hot or cold water comes out and a wet bathroom floor, it could be better to shower or use the toilet. All in all, Hotel Rodela can be considered if you have no other option but to spend the night there.

For those looking for better hospitality options in Barisal, some alternatives include Hotel Arena, where you can find rooms at reasonable prices; the Grand Park Resort, which offers luxurious accommodation with a range of amenities; or X Hotel Rajendrapur, which boasts 5-star facilities. If you’re willing to travel a outside of Barisal town, then Dhaka-Barisal Road has some great hotels like Paradise Hotel and X Hotel Dubai.

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